Friday felines

While the weather hasn’t been super harsh yet, it’s been too cold for me to sit outside. That means the only cat who gets out is Mr. Relic (and only because he’s soooo darn insistent about it.)

But Sunday was quite mild, so when I went out to take pics of the gingerbread hat, I figured the rest of the crew could use some fresh air too.


Relic was very happy to have us out with him. As you can see, things are still quite green. We’ve had a couple light snows, but nothing that’s stuck around for very long. And whenever we get a warm day like Sunday, it seems like what’s left in the gardens just perks right back up.


We stayed out for about half and hour, and enjoyed the last bit of warmth from the waning sunshine.


It may be a while before we get another day like this.



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