All the trimmings

I did something I said I wasn’t going to do…


I let all those Leader and Ender HSTs pile up and now I have a mountain to trim before I can move forward with the next step of the quilt. I hate trimming. Like really HATE it. It’s not hard… but it’s just so darn tedious. I promised myself that I was going to trim a few every day and I didn’t and now I have more than 150 that need to be trimmed and ironed.


I managed to get about 20 done before I was ready to run over my fingers with the rotary cutter. Maybe if I do 20 every day, I can make this a little less painful (and keep my fingers…)

7 thoughts on “All the trimmings

  1. Shirley

    Oh, my! Trimming and pressing 150 HSTs does not sound like fun. I would have to break it up into smaller segments like you mentioned. Good luck! Just think, once that is done, you can move on with your project.


  2. I save the triangle trimming for evenings while I’m watching a movie or binging on a tv show. Sitting all comfy in my favorite chair, with a lap desk and a beverage nearby. Much less stressful!


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