One last present… maybe

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I hope you all enjoy your patterns!

I wouldn’t say I’m in a knitting funk… but with all my Christmas presents out of the way, and no plans for designs or anything else, I found myself at a crossroads.

A crossroads where I could knit anything… but had no idea what I wanted to knit. I agonized over it for days, and still couldn’t come to a decision. So while I’m deciding, I thought I might as well make one more Christmas gift.


I figured there was enough time to whip up a pair of socks for Dave before the big day. Nothing fancy – just plain ol’ vanilla… but the yarn makes up for it. It’s beautiful Cherry Tree Hill which was I received from Nancy at Wyoming Breezes in a swap this summer.

The colourway is Serengeti, and since Dave and I watch a lot of nature documentaries together, it’s appropriate.

They are nice and mindless, so while I work on them, I can contemplate what I really want to make!

9 thoughts on “One last present… maybe

  1. The answer will come! I love your socks. Of all things, I decided to knit a blanket this week. I wish you could see Bea and Pie running under the Christmas tree and in and out of a play box that we cut holes into. You know cats love the box more than the contents. SO far the tree is standing!


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