Yes… more fabric…

But in my defense, it was ordered weeks before the Black Friday sales… it just took a really long time to get here.

You see, Samantha has commissioned me to make another quilt, and I needed to order some fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Co from it (more on that later). But I really wanted to make the most of their flat rate shipping.

I got a pretty fall batik for my Autumn a-whirl borders (more on that later too), but then I spied a weekly deal they were offering – an End-of-the-bolt surprise bag of 4.2 lbs of fabric. They said it worked out to about 7-8 yards of fabric, which at the special sale price, came in around $4 a yard – a little cheaper than what I can get for ends at Lens.

Now I know a lot of people don’t like surprises, but I’m quite fond of them. I thought it would be fun to take a chance and see what I got.


Let me say… I am not disappointed! The bulk are more blender/background fabrics, but that’s nothing to complain about – a quilter always has use for those.

There were also some lovely florals. And I do so love florals!

Especially those fantastic sunflowers!

But there were a few really fantastic pieces


These fish are just fantastic – and HUGE!!! They are far too big for quilting – if I cut them all up, you’ll lose them. I’m thinking they will make a great project bag. Or even another dress for Wren!

There was even a beautiful batik!


It went right in the box with all my other beautiful batiks!

And last… but  definitley not least…


I think you can guess what my favourite piece of the pack was!

The pieces vary in size, and I haven’t measured them all, but they are pretty much all between half a yard and a yard. This was a fantastic exercise in stash enhancement!

7 thoughts on “Yes… more fabric…

  1. Wowsers! I’ve seen that deal offered at MSQC, but hesitated to try it – you make me wish I’d bitten! You’ve got real treasures there! (Love those kitties especially!)


  2. Shirley

    First, yesterday’s photo was just adorable! Love the way his head is pushed into the curtain. What wonderful fabrics you have added to your stash. You have so many possibilities for designs that it will be interesting to see how some of those fabrics come together. All those pretty colors will be great on dreary winter days.


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