Slippin’ it

With Dave’s socks off the needles, I needed something new on. Normally, around this time of year, I take part in Andi Satterlund’s KALs. But as of the moment, I’m undecided on whether I’m going to this year.

Several months back, I joined Weight Watchers, and I’ve been seeing some results. It makes me reluctant to start a cardigan that might not fit well in a few months.

So, I decided to stick to something that will fit no matter how much weight I lose…



It’s a new design… a deceptively simple slip-stitch pattern that I release as a freebie when they are done.

And I know… you’re probably wondering what’s happened to the On The Go designs I promised to release by the end of the year.

Sadly, the flu and the day job got in the way. But as soon as I get Dave back to work and out of my way (and off my computer!) after the holidays, I’ll be typing them all up and getting them released!

In the mean time, I’ll be working on these.

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