Last FO of 2018: Autumn in the Country

I finished tacking down the last of the binding on the afternoon of December 30, so this is the official last finished project for 2018.


Autumn in the Country is the perfect couch quilt. It’s about 50″ square, so it’s just perfect for movie watching, book reading, cat snuggling, and all manner of wonderfully lazy activities.


This quilt is special for a couple reasons. It’s the first quilt I’ve made entirely from one fabric collection – in this case Country Blossom from Craftsy. I started with a Jelly Roll for the centre (using the Summer in the Park tutorial), and I bought a few yards of the other fabrics for the borders, binding and backing.


The backing is the white version of the green border fabric and I love it. It’s such a bold, beautiful print!

The second thing that makes it special is that I completed it all myself (without contracting quilting out to Mom).


All those lovely loops are mine, and it was a blast to do them. Mom’s machine had a stitch regulation mode, so I didn’t have to worry about keeping my speed even to keep my stitches nice… I could just doodle away!

Now I can’t wait to finish up a few more quilts I have waiting!

10 thoughts on “Last FO of 2018: Autumn in the Country

  1. Shirley

    That is a beautiful quilt! You are the queen of borders. You do them so well. Love the narrow border with two colors. And your loop de loops are wonderful. I think a stitch regulator is a game changer. You are really expanding your talents.


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