I’ll start saving next week…

I know.. I literally just said I needed to curb my spending. But then Lens Mills (my fav place to buy fabric) sent me notice about a sale in the clearance department. You know that clearance department where I always find awesome finds for quilt backs and remnants? Yeah – well now it’s an extra 50% off… how could I not go???


I got these three little pieces from the remnant bin. And that pretty bird fabric actually isn’t that small – it’s about a yard and a half.


I don’t really feel bad about this one – it’s going to be the back for the Autumn-a-whirl quilt. (And probably another small quilt, because I got lots!)


Same with this one… it’s the back for Swan Princess. I did want a flannel for the back – but this print at a crazy low price – I’m not about to get too fussy.

These two are another story. The first is a gorgeous big print cotton (there are also large pale pink hibiscus on it). I got enough for the back of a full-size quilt even though I don’t have a quilt for it yet! But for $20… well I’ll have a quilt top eventually!

The second is flannel – there’s only a couple of yards, but it’s enough for the back of a baby/child’s quilt. And there’s always another baby around somewhere!


11 thoughts on “I’ll start saving next week…

  1. Shirley

    Well, how could you not go to a sale on the clearance section!!! The swan fabric will be the perfect backing even though it is not flannel. And the fabric you plan to use for the Autumn-a-whirl quilt has so much potential. What you could do with borders using that fabric. What a wonderful shopping trip.


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