Building a star

I had lots of lovely comments on my blocks for Marseilles Stars, so I thought you’d like to see how they go together.

I make them using charm squares (5 inch squares) and I make two at a time, because you get enough for two from the centre fabrics.

To make two you need


Two charm squares of each print for your star points, six plain charm squares for the background, and one  charm square of each print for your centre.


Then I take two of the background squares and cut them into 4 (2.5 inch) for a total of eight smaller squares.


I also cut each of the centre squares into four in the same manner.

Then, using the four from one HST method, turn your remaining background and point fabrics in to HSTS. (Total of eight HSTs for each block)


The HSTs then need to be trimmed down to 2.5 inches to match the rest of your pieces. Once that’s done, you can layout your block for sewing.


I then work in quadrants and chain piece both blocks at the same time


And soon enough, your stars are shining!


The final block comes out to about 8.5 inches (and I only have six more to make!)

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