Metal or wood

You may have seen this on our facebook page, but I’m having a bit of a dillema

Carbeth is all blocked and dried, so I went through my stash to find appropriate buttons. I found two sets in the right size and quantity… and now I can’t decide!


I’ve had these pretty silver hearts forever. They’ve never been used on anything because most of the work I’ve done has been light for them. They aren’t super heavy, but they do have some weight to them.


Then there’s these pretty dark wood ones. They are almost identical to the ones I used on the Blaster cardigan last year. These ones are bigger (which is why they didn’t get used for Blaster) and a bit lighter.

I like the way both of them look – and I just can’t decide. Which do you prefer?

11 thoughts on “Metal or wood

  1. I suggest you cheat. Back when I was a kid, my grandmother would knit us big woolly cardigans with the buttons held on by small safety pins on the inside. If you did that, your button decision would only have to be for today rather than forever! (You can make a shank for the buttons with holes in them out of yarn.)


  2. Shirley

    I certainly understand why you can’t decide which buttons to use. I love both though I think the silver hearts are my favorite. I like that they look a little fancier but still blend well with the colors of the cardigan. The other buttons are beautiful though and look a little rustic. Don’t think you can go wrong with either and I guess we will know you decision when we see photos of you modeling the cardigan.


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