FO & Pattern Release: Fake It As You Make It

Thank you for all your lovely comments about our yarn. It actually wasn’t a very hard decision for us, which shows it was definitely time.

But as promised, I’m still knitting and designing…. and here’s the proof!


I give you the Fake It As You Make It sock! And it’s a freebie!


While it looks complicated, it’s an exceedingly simple sock thanks to the use of slip stitches. Unlike stranded colourwork, with this pattern you’re only using one colour at a time.


It’s also a great way to use up part balls of yarn. And while I’ve made mine ankle length, they can be knit to any length you like.  I’ve also inlcuded instructions to make them in man size!

The colour combinations for this are endless, but for the best effect, I suggest going with yarns that have a high contrast. One of the yarns can also be very crazy if the other is very calm.

I can’t wait to see what combos you come up with!

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