Thread chicken

On Sunday, I was up at Mom’s again, hoping to put a dent in my pile of quilt tops. I decided to work on Kitty in the Sky with Diamonds. It’s a little bigger than lap size, so I knew I could quilt it in a long afternoon. It’s also a commission from Sam, so if I got it done, we could make a playdate in the near future and I could deliver both her quilts at once.

Normally, when I quilt something, I just raid Mom’s extensive thread stash. But on one of my last orders from MSQ, I got a spool of bright pink thread that I thought would be just perfect for Kitty. And I was right… it was just perfect.


It looked just fabulous on the black, popped beautifully on the white, and faded in nicely with all the other busy blocks. (And yep, I’m still doing loops). I had about 1/3 of the quilt left to do when I ran out of wound bobbins. Mom wound another one up for me, but then…


There definitely wasn’t enough left for the top. I played thread chicken and lost…

It’s easy enough to order more, but with a $10 shipping fee, it’s not worth just ordering thread. We agreed that we’ll wait for a good daily deal, then add the thread (and maybe a few other things on) and do a shared order.

Luckily, Sam doesn’t need the quilt until camping season… which is months away.

7 thoughts on “Thread chicken

  1. Grrrr! I , too, have had that happen! When I told my daughter my dilemma, she said she had some cuz she had bought it on sale, too!!! I ‘m sorry you have to wait but glad you aren’t missing a deadline at least! Beautiful thread choice, btw!


  2. Shirley

    That is a great thread choice for the quilt! Too bad you lost in thread chicken but you have a great backup plan. Who knows what goodies you might get in the process.


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