Friday Felines

We’re experiencing a bit of a warm up, so of course, Relic is driving me crazy with his insistence on going in and out and in and out and in and out.


But I had a break in work yesterday afternoon, so I thought the others might enjoy a bit of fresh air as well. We had to dig Burton’s leash out from under some snow and ice, but once we had it out, he was quite happy to be outside.

Though he’s not entirely sure about the snow. He’s been out in it before but not often. He pretty much sat there with one paw up at all times, until he figured out that there was a dry spot near the door.


And yes, he has put on a little weight over winter – but not as much as it looks. While it was warmer, it was still only just above freezing, so he was all puffed out to keep warm.


Rupert eventually joined us, though he mostly preferred to sit on the door sill and just enjoy the view.

Peno was far too smart to interrupt her 10-hour nap – she’ll wait for real spring. Though there was one other feline in the garden with us…


These poor little catkins will be gone with the next frost, but it still makes me smile to see them. Spring will come… eventually.


9 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. Shirley

    All of the cats look so happy. My first thought was that Burton was fluffier than I had thought. Rupert looks like he is sniffing the air to decide whether to proceed. Such beautiful felines!


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