Happy St. Pat’s


In truth, we don’t really do much for St. Patrick’s Day… but I do like to mark it by getting a shamrock every year. I’ve got quite a collection now. Though my older ones are looking a little leggy. They go outside in the summer, and I bring them in in the fall – over winter they thin out a bit, but they’ll perk right up again as soon as it’s warm enough to leave them outside.

This past week has been warm enough to melt our snow and we are starting to see signs of life (and you should hear the cardinals singing!)

There are bulbs coming up all over the place. Though admittedly, I can’t tell what anything is yet. I planted a pile of spring bulbs in the fall – parrot tulips, grape hyacinths, pink daffodils… but what I’m really looking forward to are the snowdrops. They are one of the earliest plants to bloom and I can’t wait!

Some of my other perennials are of too a good start too.


The Lilac is budding, which is no surprise.


What is surprising is the pink Lavender showing green already. My purple one is one of the last plants to green up in the spring.


It’s nice to see my Chrysanthemum coming back… not all are perennials. This was bought at the grocery store with no tag, so it was a bit of a gamble.


My Black-Eyed Susans are popping up! They won’t bloom until late summer, but it’s always cheering to see their foliage.


And I love the little Lupin sprouts! Definitely one of my favourite plants!

Has St. Patrick brought any green to your gardens yet?


9 thoughts on “Happy St. Pat’s

  1. Araignee

    I used to always pick up a pot of shamrocks from the grocery store for St. Patty’s Day but you can’t find them anymore.
    We are greening up too. Too fast, in fact. We need to get more wood moved before it all turns into a jungle out there.


  2. Shirley

    It will be so much fun to see all your bulbs bloom. There are a lot of plants starting to come up in your gardens. Spring is in full bloom here in NC and everything is so beautiful.


  3. How can you be so different in climate being so much farther than me? Nothing is even remotely green here. It is truly freezing in the usual St Patricks day weather . How are you winter sow doing/


  4. The day lilies are starting to show a bit of green. Then there is something by the driveway popping up … might be Lily of the Valley. Or, it might be daffodils. Since I wasn’t here last spring, I’m not quite sure WHAT is going to pop up. But, the anticipation is fun.

    Hope you have a very GREEN season.


  5. Wow! Your lilac is already budded and I can’t believe it. Fletch did tell me he saw buds on our Wisteria and our crocus are beginning to bloom…but that’s it!


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