FO: Wren’s Birthday Ensemble

Since Lynnrina didn’t work out, I fell back on a pattern I knew I could trust: Wee Liesl.


In fact, it was the very first thing I made for Wren, right after she was born. It was time she had a new one. Just like the first, I kept the sleeves short and omitted the garter ridge for a smoother look. I also made it a little shorter – it’s more of a cropped cardi now – perfect for wearing with sundresses (as I well know!)


I had these cute little star buttons in the stash and they were just perfect to finish it off. I’m really lamenting the fact that you can’t see the sparkley yarn in the picture, but c’est la vie!

Now, for the dress.  I told you I had some nice peach seersucker in the stash. Sadly, I did not have enough to make her one like her Christmas dress. Those ruffles take a lot of fabric. So I opted for something simpler…

IMG_0201I didn’t have a pattern, so I just pulled some standard toddler measurements from the internet, and winged it. The result is a very simple, but effective little shift dress.


I lucked out and had the perfect shade of peach ribbon in the stash for the straps. Some wooden beads from my beading stash gave a nice bit of weight and decoration.

And here’s the set together.


A perfect little birthday ensemble made entirely from the stash!

7 thoughts on “FO: Wren’s Birthday Ensemble

  1. Congratulations on a fabulous finish!! You did a great job and the dress and sweater look so good together. Will you be able to share a picture of her in the outfit? (not sure if her parents would like that or not…)


  2. Shirley

    The sweater is just beautiful and those star buttons are perfect. The little dress looks so cute with that sweater. What a wonderful birthday gift.


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