More green…

Spring is still holding….


So Relic would like to take you on another tour of our greening world. We still can’t do much – the ground is far too muddy, but both of us enjoy poking around.

Bulbs continue to poke up here and there, though I still can’t tell what anything is. Except that bottom photo – I’m pretty sure those are grape hyacinths!

Many of the summer blooming perennials are really getting going – Clockwise from top… Campanula, Dianthans, Bee Balm and Speedwell.


I thought this Leopard’s Bane I bought last year was toast (it didn’t like the humid summer) but the roots must have taken because it’s popped back up.


This Bachelor Buttons is a favourite of the bees, so I’m happy to see these tiny, fern-like leaves emerging.


And I love seeing the rosettes of the sedum start to emerge. I’d love to snag some different shades of sedum this year.


Maybe in a week or two we’ll be able to get in there and clean out all the dead stuff, and the green can really start to thrive…

5 thoughts on “More green…

  1. Shirley

    It looks like the makings of some beautiful flowers this spring and summer. Love the last photo of Relic where he is sitting behind the rose bush. I was just noticing this week that it gets dark later and later.


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