QotG check in

The rainbow nine patches were starting to stack up…


… so I decided it was time to lay them out on the design bed and see how much further I had to go…


Clearly… a lot further. I’ve got lots of scrap squares, so I’d like to make this one a queen-size. But that means many more blocks… so I’ll keep sewing.

Here’s where everything else in my quilting world is at:

  • Marseilles Stars: I finally got the white blocks cut, but I still need to hunt up some borders.
  • Cat Fancy: Big blocks done! Just need to sew them together and add borders.
  • Mystic Maze: Still snowballing, still loving it!
  • Time to sew: Almost half done the blocks.
  • Leader & Ender Rainbow Nine Patches: Going just swimmingly – but a long way from done!

8 thoughts on “QotG check in

  1. You have a lot of wonderful projects to keep your attention. I am at the stage I need to do more quilting than piecing! But without a quick and easy long arm at hand I put off the quilting and just keep making tops. LOL


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