FO: Business Casual

C’est fini!

It really shouldn’t have taken a month an a half to knit a pair of ankle socks (especially when I only had one other thing on the needles at the time!), but it did.

The pattern is Business Casual. It’s a freebie, and a fun one! The only downside is that there are no rest rows. The yarn is Malabrigo sock. It’s 100% superwash merino and soooooo soft!  It’s only downside is it has no nylon – I hope it doesn’t wear out too quickly.

And because someone with comment on the shoes… they are from Aldo, though I actually got them from a thrift store several years back! Sadly, now that I work from home, my fabulous shoe collection doesn’t see much wear. (Dave and I aren’t social butterflies, so I don’t get out much). Part of me feels like I should go all Marie Kondo, and thin the herd… but darn – just looking at them sparks joy!

Now… I have absolutely NOTHING on my needles…. this feels so weird…

9 thoughts on “FO: Business Casual

  1. Shirley

    The socks are awesome and, of course, the shoes are also awesome. You have a wonderful shoe collection from the ones you have used in your photographs of completed projects. Even though you are not wearing some of your shoe collection as often, they are still very important for photographing your projects.


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