Warm little pigeons

IMG_20190331_165712While I wait for the yarn for LYS to arrive, I decided to at least get a pair of socks on the needles. Father’s day is only a few months away, so no time like the present to work on another pair of thick socks for Dad.

This is the last colour from the pile of West Yorkshire Spinners Country Bird line I bought last year. this one is Wood Pigeon… a lovely mix of grey and mauve. Since one of the greys has a pretty bluish cast to it, I decided to use up some leftover Fat Cat on cuff, heel and toe. I matches pretty well, I think.  I means there’s no nylon at all in these socks, but Dad mostly wears them around the house, so they don’t wear too badly.

If I keep at it, this pair will knit up quick and be off the needles in no time!


7 thoughts on “Warm little pigeons

  1. Love that colorway. How is that yarn to knit with? I’ve been so tempted to order some of it. I love that the colors are named for (and match) the coloring of birds.


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