Thar she blooms!


Okay, really, it’s pretty much on time. It just feels like it’s taken forever for something to bloom around here. But this reliable little crocus has been the first two bloom two years in a row now. And if you look at the second pic, it’s spread, so hopefully more blooms will follow.

It shouldn’t be too much longer for the daffodils, either…


And I noticed the big hyacinths are budding up, despite some squirrel damage.

And the tulips won’t be far behind…

And look…


The raspberries are starting to grow again. That means it’s time to get out there and prune. I’m on vacation this week, so hopefully I get some good weather to commence with the hack and slash!

8 thoughts on “Thar she blooms!

  1. Have a wonderful vacation.

    We are still waiting for several things in the yard to show signs of life. I’m hoping my weeping cherry didn’t die over the winter, but it doesn’t look very alive right now. Waiting…waiting…waiting. The lily of the valley are coming up and they have teeny flower buds. Daffs are up and blooming and something tiny and purple is woven through the ivy.


  2. Shirley

    What wonderful timing to have vacation next week! I am sure you will have some glorious time outside. Spring is popping up everywhere in your yard.


  3. jatshaw

    Hurrah for spring flowers. There pretty colors are so welcome! You have me about convinced to try the Hitchhiker. The shawl I just finished was probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever knitted.


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