Fresh starts

With so many projects cleared out recently, I’m able to start a few new things. Top of the agenda is Dave’s birthday. It’s not until July, but if I want to make him something, I do need to get started soon.

A few weeks back, I’d ordered some special Fat Quarters from Missouri Star Quilts.


It’s the Stonehenge Solstice 10th Anniversary Special Edition collection. Northcott Fabrics is holding a quilt contest. I’m not going to enter, but the fabrics are perfect for a quilt for Dave. I just have to decide on a pattern.

About the same time that the fabric arrived, my Knitpicks order with the yarn for Nera arrived too. To get to the free shipping, I’d added some extras in – one was the yarn for Hitchiker (which is going swimmingly), the other was a couple balls of Felici…


I was amazed how well it matched the quilting fabric! I almost always make Dave a pair of socks for his birthday. That they will match his quilt is just kismet!

Since Dad’s socks were off the needles, I wasted no time casting on for Dave’s…


I am a little bit disappointed in the yarn. As you can see, knit up, the colours are a little bit dingy. It almost looks as if the dark blue bled over the other colours. I’m going to keep knitting, because Dave won’t mind. But I think I’ll stick to other brands in the future.


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