I started Cascadas the other night, and so far it’s going swimmingly.


I’ve just started the second section of lace, and once it’s complete, I’ll be separating for the sleeves and body. It’s just plain ol’ stockinette after that!

Converting it to a cardigan wasn’t that hard – round yokes, I find, are the easiest to convert… you just take the cast on number, and add some stitches for your front bands (if knitting them as you go). Easy peasy. Then, when reading the directions, you just have to remember that you’re knitting back and forth, not in the round, so you may have to note wrong side rows (depending on your pattern). I may have to do a little finagling when I get to the sleeves,  but that won’t be difficult.

I did make a couple other mods – the pattern has you knit the neck band on last, but I’ve done it first. I also changed up the lace pattern, removing the purl columns.


It’s hard to tell here, but it just gives the lace a smoother look. But mostly I did it because I’m lazy. I didn’t want to have to pay attention on my wrong-side rows… I wanted nice, mindless purl-back.

Do you ever mod patterns to make them “lazier”?

8 thoughts on “Cascading

  1. Araignee

    Yep but I always get into trouble. I don’t have the brain power to modify patterns as I’ve found out the hard way many times.


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