Cascadas is moving right along. The rows were getting interminably long, but I finally got to the dividing point, and we’re back down to a manageable level.


From here on out, it’s mindless knitting. Perfect for some T.V. knitting.

My old highschool is being torn down to make way for condos, and at the end of the month they are having a big reunion/closing event. It would be nice to have the cardigan done to wear to the party!

5 thoughts on “Cascardigan

  1. My elementary school was torn down years ago, but both my junior high and high school buildings are still in use…in fact, two nephews and a niece attended the same schools. Can it really be that many years since I was a student?


  2. Lovely knitting! All of my childhood school building have been demolished for new and better buildings. Wish I had taken better photos of them way back when. . .


  3. Shirley

    That sweater is going to be beautiful! Love the way the yarn is working up and the color. I bet you make your deadline. My elementary school was turned into apartments. The building was not torn down but renovated.


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