Burton’s garden tour

I’m off  to a girls’ weekend today, so I leave you in the paws of Burton for this week’s garden tour.


Of course, if the sun is out Burton’s usually taking cover – all that black fur isn’t great for warm temps.

My little Lilac is in full bloom. The bush is only four years old now, so  it’s still pretty slim, but the blooms this year are amazing.

My irises are  really showing off…IMG_0298

I think it’s all the rain – the irises love to be wet.

The Columbine are all starting to bloom and I added two new colours this year (the pink and the burgundy).

Like the irises, the Chives only bloom for a limited time, but they are spectacular this year.  They are almost always covered in bees.

Soon enough, we’ll be on to Lilies and Roses. I can’t wait!


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