Rupert’s garden adventure

Another Saturday is here and this time it’s Rupert’s turn to take you around the garden


Despite what this picture shows, Rupert is probably the most active when outside. He’s always on the hunt for birds, or squirrels, or bugs.

I recently put some seed in a feeder under the lilac and the birds have been enjoying it regularly. The other evening, one cheeky sparrow must not have noticed the cats in the yard. But Rupert certainly saw the sparrow. By the time he got to the feeder, sparrow was long gone. Rupert spent a good 10 minutes under the feeder, crying and wondering where his snack went.

And despite his activity, he still likes to take time to stop and smell the roses…


As expected, White Lightning is the first to bloom. The roses are pretty behind compared to last spring. The others have buds, but they won’t bloom for another week or so.

Both of my poppies have bloomed with HUGE paper-like flowers. They are just gorgeous.


All of the other irises are finished for the year, but this little blue Dutch Iris made a late appearance. I bought a bag of these from the dollar store a couple of years ago, and this is the only one that’s ever come up.

It’s Dianthan season again! They are just getting started, but soon these little plants will be covered in bright blooms!


And my favourite part of June has begun! It’s strawberry season!!! These berries aren’t ginormous, but they are much bigger than the ones I’ve grown before. I will definitely sitck with the hanging pots from now on.

6 thoughts on “Rupert’s garden adventure

  1. Shirley

    Rupert’s stripes are so pretty! Your flowers are just beautiful though I think the poppies are my favorite. You are having such a wonderful spring in your gardens.


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