FO: Marseilles stars

Another quilt is complete!


You may recall I finished this one (Marseilles Stars) a while back, but I left it in Mom’s hands for the quilting. She’s been practicing some fancy stitchery and all that white space was just begging for a pretty design.


And as you know, my Mother never disappoints!


The back and binding for this one were both clearance bin finds, and I think they work pretty well. I love the little shamrocks on the back.


This one is a bit of and odd shape… long and narrow (about 48×70), but it’s the perfect size and shape for a couch quilt.


It’s going to be great when Dave cranks the A/C  and freezes me out this summer!

10 thoughts on “FO: Marseilles stars

  1. Araignee

    WOWZA!!!! Mom really delivered! It is GORGEOUS. I’ve got serious stitch envy. I took the Juki out for a test drive last night since it’s been ages since I touched it. It wasn’t pretty but I can still do a mean loop de loop. Sigh…..


  2. Shirley

    What an absolutely beautiful quilt!!! Love the design and fabrics. Your piecing looks great. Your Mom certainly enhanced the solid blocks with her quilting. You guys are a great team. So perfect for your sofa.


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