Rooster eggs

Here’s another project that didn’t linger long enough in the project box to be cataloged in a post.

Last year when they had a big sale, I bought a pile of really cheap charm packs from Craftsy. This was one of them.


A cute collection of farm themed prints. Now the quilters out there know that just one charm pack (42 five in squares) won’t get you very far. But after making Sprite’s Garden, I was intrgued by the possibility of the nine patch star.


By adding a few more squares from stash fabric (the fried eggs, hearts on white, and strawberry prints), as well as the mottled green for the star points, I was able to get six of the nine patch blocks.

Add some ladybug sashing, a couple strawberry cornerstones and another fried egg border…


And you’ve got a nice lap-sized quilt top.

I have to say… when I bought that fried egg fabric (a remnant from the clearance bin) I had no idea what I’d use it for. I’d completely forgot about the charm pack and the fact that it had chickens on it.

I’ve got a nice chunk of plaid for the back, so I hope to quilt this one soon. The green from the star points will be the binding, making this a 100% stash quilt.

There’s only one problem I can see with it…


Every single chicken on the quilt is a rooster… so where did all the eggs come from???

7 thoughts on “Rooster eggs

  1. Shirley

    Good question but it sure is a great quilt. Love how you improvised and pulled the fabric together to utilize the your charm pack. You are going to have fun quilting.


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