Northward bound

Saturday, Mom and I loaded up Dory and headed north to Owen Sound.


Miss Rowan had a birthday last month and I hadn’t had a chance to give her her birthday present yet. It was a beautiful day, so we packed our swimsuits, and joined her for a dip in her backyard pool.

Miss Paisley was working, but we did get to see her before we left.


There was also a visit with Bella


And though it looks like she was in cat jail, she was happily sunning herself in her catio.

Miss Rowan had puppy-sitting duties that day, so we also go to visit with Titus

… the chihuahua who lives next door. I have never actually been a fan of chihuahuas, but if I could have snuck this guy home in my purse, I would have. He’s just the sweetest little thing.

As always, it was a fun visit that was over too quickly. But there’s plans in the works for an August trip to Sauble Beach – a playground from my youth. I can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “Northward bound

  1. Araignee

    Family fun! The little chihuahua looks adorable. They are either crazy or sweet. There is no middle ground with that breed. Mom had a sweet one. My sister has a crazy one who terrorized Pup on our last visit. . The Mister who used to deliver mail said they were the one breed he was always afraid of. Lol….


  2. It all looks so refreshing (getting hot here again today)! And Titus is cute. I’ve never been a fan of chihauhuas either, but I know a few out in CO who are very sweet (and wear designer clothing – lol).


  3. Shirley

    What a wonderful day! The girls have grown and changed so much. Fun time in the pool and, in one photo, there is a pinkish tint to your skin.


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