FO: Fleurs en noir

I’ve been on vacation this week, so I took advantage of the free time to take a day and finish Paisley’s Christmas quilt.


And for such a simple pattern, it is a stunner. Since Paisley is several years older than her sister, I wanted to make it a little bigger than Rowan’s. But I goofed up. I knew I’d made Rowan’s one row longer than the original. And for some reason, I was thinking the original used 20 flowers. So then Rowan’s had 24. And to make Paisley’s one row longer, I’d need 28.  But the original actually used 16, Rowan’s 20… so Paisley’s ended up being TWO rows longer!


Which means it ended up about 52″ x 85″. Oh well, Paisley is a tall girl, she won’t mind the extra length!

The quilt was made from Boundless’ Petal Noir line, bought during a Craftsy/Bluprint Black Friday sale. When I finally got around to completing the top, I was able to snag border, binding and backing fabric from the same line on clearance.


So the whole quilt has the “scrappy but coordinated” feel.  Since Paisley is no longer a little girl, I wanted her quilt to be a little more sophisticated than her sister’s. I think I managed it.

And that’s another Christmas present off the list! Woohoo!

7 thoughts on “FO: Fleurs en noir

  1. jatshaw

    Nice! At the moment I am enjoying working on your pattern for the Going My Way scarf. It’s a really nice pattern and I love that the scarf is the same on both sides.


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