A fir coat for Wren

Since I’ve been making such good progress on my holiday knitting, I figured I might as well keep at it with my next cast on.

Miss Wren is the only little one left on my gift list… all my other kids are tweens or teens. I’m still debating on whether I’ll make her another sun dress like last year (I do not enjoy making ruffles, regardless how cute the result). But I definitely wanted to make her a new cardigan, so I scoured Ravelry. I wanted something similar to her Old Shale Cardigan – something with classic appeal. I found it in the Baby Fir Jacket.

Then I went stash diving for the perfect yarn.


I have a fair bit of Fat Cat left from when we closed the shop. Wren’s mom loves bright colours, so I thought this bold Violet would be perfect. The pattern actually calls for sport-weight, and Fat Cat is DK. But the pattern only goes up to two years. Wren will be two-and-a-half by Christmas, so I’m hoping a slightly heavier yarn on a larger needle will give it just enough wiggle room for a growing girl.


I’m already past the underarms, and so far it’s looking good. I don’t think this will be on the needles long. I wonder if I can finish all my Christmas knitting by the end of summer….

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