The ol’ switcheroo

We all knew it couldn’t last…. all that knitting monogamy. It came to and end on the weekend. While I could have taken Wren’s cardigan with me for travel knitting, I wanted something a little smaller.


The pattern is Switcheroo and the yarn is Twinkle Cat (colour is Briar Patch). The pattern is simple, and it creates a lovely little bit of lace.


This pair is also for Christmas, and I’m debating whether I’ll carry that lace down the foot or just leave it on the leg…. but I’ve got a few more inches before I need to decide.

10 thoughts on “The ol’ switcheroo

  1. My friend Carol wrote the book the pattern is from! I’m always excited when I see her in the wild, so to speak. (Though, she is pretty wild anyway …)

    Those should be so pretty!


  2. Shirley

    The yarn is just beautiful as is the portion of sock that you have knitted. Whichever way you decide to proceed, this is going to be a wonderful pair of socks for someone.


  3. jatshaw

    Love that pattern; in fact, I just bought it, but boy was that a difficult transaction for some weird reason. Your yarn is beautiful!


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