Golden hour

Back around Dave’s Birthday, we stopped in to see his aunt and uncle. They have a spectacular garden (years of work by Dave’s aunt). Somehow, the conversation turned to colour in the garden talk of favourite colours. His aunt loves white flowers.

It would be very hard for me to have a garden with only one colour, but if I absolutely had to choose…


It would be yellow!


Why yellow? To me yellow is just the happiest colour in the world.


It’s hard not to look at yellow and smile (unless it’s a puddle of pet pee on the floor.. but hey…)


And when it comes to the garden…


So many flowers have at least one version in yellow….


… not to mention  yellow comes in an infinite number of shades!


What colour would you choose for a mono-chrome garden?


6 thoughts on “Golden hour

  1. Araignee

    Yellow is such a happy color! Have you seen the video of Oprah walking through her flower garden in Hawaii? It’s a WOW for sure.


  2. delightedhands

    Hmmm, if I could only have one color in my garden it would have to be oranges….or reds!
    Your yellow flowers are beautiful and I am glad I can have flowers of every color!!!


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