An overnight guest

When we left Sauble on Friday, we brought the girls back with us for a stay at Grandma’s. While Rowan is staying the whole week, Paisley had to work Monday (I still can’t believe she’s old enough to have a job!!!), so could only stay for the weekend. While Mom drove her back home on Sunday, Rowan came to hang out with me and spend the night. Naturally… I put her to work…

Because all that yarn is not going to dye itself. You may recall, that when the dye studio was still at Mom’s, the girls always dyed a few skeins during their visits. But that hasn’t happened since the dye came here (and Mom’s studio got converted to Quilting Headquarters). When I mentioned it to Rowan, she was thrilled, exclaiming “I miss dyeing yarn!”


As usual, she did all the work – I only mixed the colours she picked out. In the end, she did 14 skeins of Alley Cat, six of which are self-stripers.

I’m going to have fun knitting these up!

She stayed the night and on Monday, after my work was done, we took a trip to a local nursery where she helped me pick our some succulents for some special planters I had.

We got a succulent for her too, but I forgot to take a picture.

Since then, her and Mom have been sewing up a storm (more on that later), but I think someone is missing the extra company….

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