Slippin’ away

Here we are, just a little more than halfway through August… and fall is definitely on the wind. Oh the days are still nice and warm, but the nights are getting cooler, with just the first little crispness of autumn. And in the garden…

The colours of the changing season are apparent.  From left to right – Foxglove leaf, blooming Sedum, and golden Bleeding Heart foliage.

Still, we’ve got months of blooms ahead of us.


The roses always perk up as the high heat of summer begins to wane. It’s funny, most people think of roses in June, but in my experience, they are usually at their best in late summer.

The Susans and Coneflowers are just spectacular this year – a wonderful reward for a few years of patience as they filled out.

The sunflowers are only four feet high, but they are blooming and I’m getting a wonderful mix of flowers!

The purple Bee Balm has struggled a little bit this year, but it’s finally starting to get some decent blooms. And the purple Speedwell in the sidewalk garden is finally starting to bloom. Better late than never, I say!


The herbs I started from seed have also struggled, but these past few weeks have really seen the Basil perk up. Now I just have to find something to cook with them!


One of Mom’s friends gave her a pile of Cana Lily bulbs, and she gave most of them to me. I shared some with neighbour Krista, and both of us are getting pretty red blooms.


And last… maybe another week or more, and I’ll be enjoying big, juicy blackberries. I love mid-August!

6 thoughts on “Slippin’ away

  1. As I walked around downtown Birmingham, Michigan yesterday, I marveled at the street gardens that are at peak form, but I don’t want to think about anything but summertime…yes, I’m in denial. Eating berries picked from the plant is a slice of heaven!


  2. Araignee

    I would kill for that basil. I was going to buy some last night but they wanted $4 for a sickly looking stem. It’s the taste and smell of summer for me but it’s been years since I’ve had it. I used to grow it on the deck in big pots but after the kitties showed up they would use the pots as litter boxes. Ugh.


  3. Shirley

    Everything looks so beautiful in your gardens and I love the deeper color blooms. I have noticed a slight shift in the season that reminds me fall will be coming. However, the days are still in the 90s and very humid. Early mornings are just beautiful though. Hope you get the blackberries before the birds.


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