Mojito break

While I did cast on Ursa for myself, I also cast one of those last projects from the gift list…


The sweater is too bulky to make good travel knitting, so I figured I might as well cast on a pair of socks. I’m slowly working my way through the pile of Aran yarn I bought back in February of last year for heavy man socks. This colourway is Mojito, and as you can see, it’s fun and bright!

Any while they will knit up quick, don’t expect to see a finish on these super soon. My main focus will be on Ursa. These are just for the days I get stuck on the road.

8 thoughts on “Mojito break

  1. Araignee

    I love a good mojito. The drunkest I have ever been in my life is when I ordered one in NYC. The Mister still laughs at the sorry state I was in.


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