September surprises

Hello September! You sure came up awfully fast.

It’s ok, you’re definitely one of my favourite months. And this year, you’ve brought a few surprises…


Like this little Black-Eyed Susan. She suddenly popped up in the sidewalk garden. She’s unlike any of the other Susans I have elsewhere, so I have no idea where she came from.


Then there’s this snap dragon! I had snap dragons in the sidewalk garden last year, but as I’ve mentioned before, they don’t usually come back. I had one reseed itself in the Little Bee Garden out back, but it’s been there for months. This one just popped up a couple weeks ago. It looks like there may be more popping up too. Curiouser and Curiouser.


The Peach Foxglove have started blooming again. The Foxglove were a little lackluster this year (compared to previous years) so it’s nice to see this one having a second round!


And can you believe I’ve still got a few Daylilies blooming? This one is Frans Hals, and it looks like it will be the last for the year. Still… it’s so nice to see them go on so long!


And it looks like the Monarchs are beginning their long flight south. There’s been a steady stream of them coming through the back yard. They’ve been filling up on nectar and then go on their way. They are such beautiful visitors…


And thankfully very hard for the resident yard watchmen to catch!

8 thoughts on “September surprises

  1. Araignee

    I am shocked that you have so much still in bloom. Of course it’s still hot as heck here too. I think summer may have other plans for us this year. It’s been hanging around later and later. I don’t even think about taking out any fall decor until late October anymore.


  2. Shirley

    Your flower gardens have been just spectacular this year. Maybe the new plants are a result of bird droppings. That photo of Relic is great. Would have loved to see the expression on his face.


  3. Jocelyn Ahlers

    I always love getting the garden tour! After this spring’s magnificently huge Painted Lady migration, I’m kind of waiting for them to come back through on their way south again…


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