FO: Deer Friends

First…. I’m sorry I didn’t debut Rowan’s socks in my shoes… Her feet are just a bit smaller than mine so the socks are tight. I didn’t want to stretch them out before I gave them to her! But I promise… as soon as my pair are done, I will model them properly!

Now.. onto business!

Yep… it’s another “where did that come from FO?”!!!


What can I say? Baby quilts are fast! I can cut and sew a top in a couple of hours, and it’s only another hour or so to sandwich and quilt her on Mom’s machine.


This one if from another charm pack with some peach stash fabric thrown in.


All the prints were directional, so I had to get clever with the piecing, and make sure all those little critters were pointing in the right direction as I sewed.


I had a chunk of pink dotted flannel from the clearance bin in the stash. And a dark blue floral for the binding tied in nicely with the navy blocks.

10 thoughts on “FO: Deer Friends

  1. Araignee

    So adorable!!! I love those little critters. I was so happy to see that baby grand was still dragging along that little quilt I made for him when he was born. Baby quilts are so fun to make because you know they will get used.


  2. Shirley

    What an adorable quilt and how special for the recipient. You must have quite a stash of “potential gifts”. You could do you own show with all the projects you have completed this year.


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