Baby mania

There are no babies in the works here (that I know of, anyway), but I can’t seem to stop making baby quilts!


This one started with a charm pack (the grey and white fabrics in the middle). I still wanted to try some more pinwheels, and I had a good chunk of the lime green leftover from the binding on Rowan’s quilt. It just so happened to match the little lime bits on the flowers in the fat quarter pack.

But as you can see, I still didn’t make those pinwheels. As soon as I got the HSTs done, I started to wonder how they’d look in the Starburst layout. And well, once I went down that path, there was no turning back.

You may be wondering about the blue and red borders… well it’s hard to see (I should have gotten better pictures) but those shades are in the white and grey fabrics as well. I  promise close-ups when it’s quilted.

That will have to wait a bit though, I don’t have a back for this one, and I’m trying to refrain from shopping. With no babies in the making, there’s no rush to finish this one.

8 thoughts on “Baby mania

  1. Araignee

    Love it!
    It’s hard to not go down that rabbit hole. Sometimes the fabric just has to be what it wants to be and won’t stop calling your name until it becomes what it wants. .


  2. Shirley

    The starburst baby quilt is beautiful! My first thought was “I want to make one of those” and then I thought “all those points”. I have saved the pattern though so maybe. Your points all look perfect! I usually manage to have a few points that get caught in the seam. Baby quilts are indeed so much fun to make.


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