Be-leaf it or not!

With all the recent sewing, I finished off all the Leader & Ender nine patches (now I have to start cutting plain blocks). Which meant I needed another L&E project.

I came across the Leaves a’flutter quilt and thought the block would look good in scraps.


I still have lots  of 2.5inch strips leftover from my rainbow log cabin quilt, so I started cutting them to size and sorting them by colour. I cut all the background pieces as well and got it all nice and organized and managed to complete one block. (The stems are applique, so I’ll do them all at the end.)


Sadly, because I have to pay attention to the direction of those leaf points, it’s not going to make a great L&E quilt. It’s just not mindless enough. So this one is going to go straight into regular rotation.

And I’m still looking for a good L&E block!

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