September garden stroll

Another Saturday, another stroll around the garden!


This big beautiful sunflower greets me every morning as I open the curtains. It’s so cheering to see her peeking over the fence top.


This is the view from the other side of the fence. Such a happy bunch! I can’t wait to expand the gardens on this side of the fence next spring.

I told you the Mums were going to be incredible  once they started blooming. Aren’t they just incredible!


The ones out front are much smaller (less sun) but such a pretty fall colour!


The butterfly bush continues to bloom and we’re still getting winged visitors almost every day! (More on that tomorrow).


I’ve also made an addition of this small, pink heath. I bought one of these not long after we first moved in, but I didn’t make it. It was a pretty sad specimen when I bought it, so I’m betting I have better luck with this one.


I’m enjoying fresh raspberries every day.


And the peach Foxglove is enjoying another round of blooms.


The Sedum is now in full bloom and it’s such a bold, beautiful pink. I have chunks of this Sedum throughout the various gardens – it’s an important late-season source of food for pollinators.

And in between all these other blooms, the marigolds are still going strong.

And the petunias are going absolutely bonkers!

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