Christmas is coming

Christmas is just three months away, but I’m ready! Or at least I’m very close.


This is the beginning of the last gift I have to knit! I still have Dave’s quilt and a couple gift cards on my list, but this is the last with knitting needles. It’s another pair of heavy man socks.

If it looks familiar, it’s because I made my brother a pair last year with this yarn (colourway is Blue Tit). When I bought the yarn, I thought I’d need two balls for a pair of socks – but with a separate colour for cuffs, heels and toes, I’m able to get one pair out of one ball. I also have another ball in the owl, woodpigeon and bullfinch.

I don’t think these will be on the needles long… then the options of what to cast on will be absolutely endless!


8 thoughts on “Christmas is coming

  1. Jocelyn Ahlers

    You are so organized!! I’m kind of thinking this is going to be a low (to no) knitting holiday – things just got so out of hand with the college blanket, and my stash is currently packed away during some home construction… So I shall live vicariously through you!


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