Celtic countdown

How are we at the end of September already? September just flew by. I hope October moves a little slower.

With the last pair of Christmas socks done, I’ve only got on thing left on my to-make list for Christmas, but it’s a biggie.


There’s another block done for Dave’s Christmas quilt. I can make one of these big bad boys in an afternoon, so I shouldn’t have too much trouble staying on track, but still, I worry.


I’ve got four done, with two more left to go. As you can see, once I get some sashing in there, it’s going to be a good sized quilt. Dave is just over 6ft tall so I want to make sure it’s got a lot of length for him.


Here’s the fabric pairing for the last two. I’ve ordered the sashing and the backing, but it will probably take a few weeks to get here. I’d like to get these two blocks together by then.

I don’t generally enjoy assembling the tops, but I’m really excited to see this one come together.

5 thoughts on “Celtic countdown

  1. Shirley

    Dave’s quilt is going to be awesome! Love the pattern and your fabrics. I’m betting you will have this quilt completed before the month is over.


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