Birthday boy

Guess who’s already FOUR????


Yep. This weirdo. Don’t ask me how such a small cat can be so long (or contorted). We just accept Rupert as he is…


I’ve said it before, Rupert is a little enigma wrapped up in a gorgeous ginger pelt. He can be incredibly stand-offish one minute, and the next, he’s climbing in your lap looking for love.


He still loves to wedge himself on the metal tracks of the sliding glass door, though that can’t possibly be comfortable.


He still grumps at Relic every chance he gets, but almost every morning, I wake up around 6 am, and they are both on the foot of my bed, curled up together.


He loves to be outside, but if I come in and shut the door behind me, he’s pressed up against the screen, worried that he’s been abandoned to the wilds.


He’s the  funniest little goofball and I’m so glad he’s ours.

8 thoughts on “Birthday boy

  1. Shirley

    Rupert is just beautiful! I don’t know how he can contort his body into the position in that first photo. That is quite a position even for a cat. Hope Rupert has many more years with your family.


  2. Catching up a few days in comments. LOVE the 9 patch!!! And that stencil is perfect. Love the crown for the Queen, but she maybe prefers diamonds? And Rupert!!! He is such a goofball I am sure he entertains all the time.


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