As I mentioned yesterday, I’m on vacation this week. In fact, I take vacation at this time every year and the reason is two-fold. One… Monday is our Thanksgiving, so I only have to use four vacation days instead of five. And Two… the weather is usually sunny and warm (but not too warm) perfect weather for putting the gardens to bed for the year.

So…  I’ll probably do that sometime mid-week… in the mean time, I’m taking a moment or two to stop and enjoy the Toad Lilies every time I open my front door.


The are small, delicate flowers – no bigger than a quarter, but they have so much character.


I originally planted about five plants, and over the last few years, they’ve really started to spread. They are such a sweet little treat at the end of the gardening season.


6 thoughts on “Toadies

  1. Shirley

    Those are such beautiful blooms and not what I would expect to see at this time of the year. Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have a wonderful vacation week!


  2. delightedhands

    Happy Thanksgiving! The toad lilies are so intricate and beautiful Thanks for sharing
    because I’ve never see them anywhere else!


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