Friday Felines

First, thank you for all the lovely anniversary wishes. We ordered in Chinese and had a quiet but lovely night in! It was perfection.

Today’s Friday Feline post is brought to you by Mr. Tibbs….


Who clearly thinks I spend too much time with the long arm instead of paying attention to him!


8 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. Araignee

    Too funny!!!! What is it about critters that they always seem to need you to be looking at them. I have the same issue when I sit down to knit at night. They all have to be right in my face.


  2. Oh Chinese ordered in !!!! perfection! Black kitty love right back to y ou. I think Al has settled on a lovely young torti tabby girl . She’s adorable. Only issue: ringworm. Upon adopting her, she took her to her vet who discovered it. Well she’s too in love now. She saw a LOT of kids with ringworm as an ER nurse for immune compromised kids at major Childrens hospital ERs. so she isn’t over concerned. We are learning 42 days of oral treatment, ointment to the spots on her ears. and bathing helps. Apparently the dander is the culprit for shedding cells. As long as it is fungus and not lice or ticks or fleas………its not bad


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