Good night, sweet petals

While my yard is still very green…


It was time to prepare everything for winter. The days are still fairly warm, but the nights are definitely getting colder.


I especially had to get all my indoor plants back inside before the frost hits.  Now they are all safe and warm and the house looks like a jungle again.

I did my pruning and cleaning, and though I’ll still enjoy a bloom or two here and there until we get a hard frost, everything is ready for a season of rest. All that’s left is to take a moment to reflect on the beauty this year has brought.

What a wonderful year is has been!

9 thoughts on “Good night, sweet petals

  1. Shirley

    Your gardens were just spectacular this year! What an awesome collection of potted plants. I am sure they make quite an impact when you move them inside. Hopefully, the felines do not tend to nibble on the plants (unlike my cats).


  2. Green thumb lady!! You had a great year.

    Ours was good, growth happened but my echinacea, while it came up in spades, never got to flowering. There are two buds out there but IM quite sure they will not bloom. I loved planting your seeds and they all did well!


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