Fussy little knots

I mentioned earlier that the sashing fabric had finally come in for Dave’s Christmas quilt.


Isn’t it beautiful? But to really do it justice, I had to do some precise fussy cutting, which wasn’t much fun…

IMG_7221…but it was worth the effort. It’s not perfect (there’s a little more background on one side than the other), but I’m far from a perfectionist so it’s just fine in my books.

Once I got all the sashing done, I decided the quilt needed at least one border. Luckily Lens carries most of the fabric line, and is just around the corner.

IMG_7223So  I got a couple yards of the lovely mottled orange and added 6 inches to each side, and 4 inches to top and bottom.


And that gives me a completed top! Since Dave and I don’t share blankets, it didn’t need to be super wide (it just hangs over each side of our Queen-sized bed), but it did need to be long. I think it’s about 90″.  That man of mine is a tall one, and he keeps complaining that none of the quilts I’ve made are long enough.

This should keep him quiet!

7 thoughts on “Fussy little knots

  1. Shirley

    You certainly made the right choice on the sashing (worth the effort to fussy cut) and the border fabric. It is just awesome! Is this a surprise or has Dave seen the progress of the quilt? What a nice gift!


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