FO: Scrunch me up!

Before starting my skull socks, I took a little time to whip up a little accessorial Christmas gift.

Sorry for the blurry pic… I didn’t notice at first, and I’m too lazy to take another.

The pattern is  Scrunch me up, and it popped up on Ravelry the other week. As soon as I saw it,  I knew I had to make it. Rowan is a HUGE fan of scrunchies. Mom and I taught her how to sew some on her sewing machine. But, how cool is a knit scrunchie??? Especially one that matches your socks! I had to rework the pattern a bit to get it to stripe the right way. (It’s easy, it’s just a rectangle), and I think I made it too wide, but it works.

I gave it a road test to see how it would look…


Oh this takes me back to my youth when the height of fashion was to have your oversized sweater, super slouchy socks, AND scrunchie all coordinate! Ah, the early ’90s….

9 thoughts on “FO: Scrunch me up!

  1. Shirley

    What a neat scrunchie!!! I made so many of those in the 90s. At that time, they were worn on the wrist about as much as in the hair. Oh, how I loved slouch socks and sneakers that were not quite high tops but up to your ankle (I think).


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