Indoor gardening

It’s official, gardening season is DONE!


As I mentioned yesterday, we got walloped with snow on Monday. This amount of snow isn’t unusual (it is Canada after all), but getting this much, this early, is.  Usually November is all cold and grey, with a few dustings of snow, but nothing that amounts to anything.  We don’t usually  see any sort of accumulation until mid-December or even January (it’s about a 50/50 chance of having a green Christmas here).

As you can see, there’s still leaves on the lilacs and raspberries. There’s even an iris in bloom under all that snow! (Also, I need to refill the bird feeder!) This dumping has definitely killed off the last blooms that were hanging on.

So, I have to turn my attention to my indoor gardens…


You’ve seen a few of these before. They are the containers left from my favourite candles. I said I wasn’t going to buy any more, but then they came out with that darn Llama (and my favourite vanilla scent). I just had to have her.


After the candle was burned down, I found the prettiest little variegated Jade plant (with touches of pink!) for her. Can you believe I found it at my local grocery store? It came out of the grocery budget (what’s one less box of crackers?) so I don’t feel bad.

Now the company has come out with a Polar Bear candle. Polar Bears are my second favorite-most animal… maybe I’ll see if Dave wants to get it for me for my birthday….


In other indoor gardening news… the East Cactus has fully bloomed. You can see just how different the flowers are, compared to the Christmas Cactus below it. It was such a lucky find all those years ago.


And my pink Christmas Cactus is really going all out. She may have enough steam to flower right up to Christmas – wouldn’t that be nice?

And remember the flowering spider plant I showed you? Well the flowers are gone and in their place…


A pile of spider babies!!!! I usually snip them off, and root them in their own pot (I have several spider plants throughout the house), but I’ve never had so many babies at once! I don’t know what to do with them all.

And before I leave you, have I ever shown you my baby Groot?

I got him last year (or maybe the year before). I’ve tried a few plants in him (a crispy wave fern, a spider baby….) but quickly determined he doesn’t hold water and needed something that was really low-maintenance. I got him this cute little succulent on my shopping trip with Rowan this summer. It’s been just perfect. And doesn’t he look so happy about it?


6 thoughts on “Indoor gardening

  1. Araignee

    Oh, my….that’s a lot of snow. My son was in Paris last week and he came home to a pile of it in Detroit. It was quite a shock.
    How do you keep your kitties from eating all your pretty plants? Mine would have them eaten to the ground by morning- and then have puked them up all over the place.


  2. Shirley

    Beautiful plants and, if I remember correctly, you had a lot of plants to move inside before frost/freeze conditions. They should keep your green thumb busy thru the winter. I am amazed that you can have so many plants inside with the cats. I gave up on house plants several years ago due to the fact that one of my cats cannot leave them alone.


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