Need more skulls!

Okay – I’ve been neglecting the poncho a little to work on these…


… But aren’t they just the cutest????

Yep. That’s the first Skullduggery sock complete. As you can see, I reversed the colours so they are matchy, but not too matchy with Dave’s pair. We’ve never been matchy-matchy people, so I’m doing a bit of a gamble here… but I think he’ll like it.

They are also anklets, because that’s just how I prefer my socks. And, well, also because the black wasn’t a full ball, so it’s probably all I have enough for. I’m probably playing a serious game of yarn chicken, to be honest.

I’ve already got a good start on the second one. I’m hoping to release the pattern at the same time I do an FO post, so keep your eyes peeled!

10 thoughts on “Need more skulls!

  1. Cute.

    I think matchy-matchy in socks is fine. I mean really ———-not many people are even going to NOTICE your feet, especially considering Dave will probably be wearing pants.


  2. Shirley

    Love the anklet sock! Actually, I would be happy to have a pair of any version of this pattern. Good luck with yarn chicken! Bet you will win.


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