Back to poncho purgatory

With Skullduggery done and out of the way, I’ve turned my attention back to the never-ending poncho…


Or at least I tried. I had to do a bit of an extraction first… I wouldn’t mind so much except our snow has melted and led to a rise in dirty paws…


When Relic has been letting me work on it, I’ve made some decent  headway.


It’s definitely growing, but I still have quite a way to go.


The front needs to be at least 25″ long, and I am tempted to make it longer. So I’m keeping to my original plan… at least 4 rows a night (more if I can manage it)


After that, Rupert gets to keep it warm for me.

9 thoughts on “Back to poncho purgatory

  1. Looking good! Cats do, too.

    If you need a little incentive, you could put a marker every time you put it down, and then you have a visual of your daily progress. Because sometimes it feels like the inches aren’t growing if you don’t prove it otherwise!


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